Nerdy Tourist

Nerdy Tourist is a travel blog experiment.

I am well aware of the fact that both Nerd and Tourist don’t have the most positive connotation. But let’s be honest: When I’m planespotting on my balcony while having a browser tab with Flightradar24 open, I’m a nerd. And when I’m getting in the way of people in some area where I don’t live because I really have to take that picture, then I’m a tourist.[1]

The main motivation behind this blog is it for me to travel more – both on short trips and longer holidays. For too long I have been a passive reader of travel blogs and the kind of guy who stares at the planes in the sky – that’s something that has to change.

Just so that you know: I actually do work travel industry-adjacent. I’m a software developer for ES Enterprise Solutions GmbH which is a daughter company of Comvel GmbH and I mainly work at the booking site
What I write here doesn’t have anything to do with that, though – it’s a hobby project that I’d very likely do if I were working on some other website, too.

The icon is Tourist by Javier Cabezas from The Noun Project

  1. When I do this where I stay, I’m a tourist, too. Seriously.  ↩

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